To the next girl..

To the next girl he gives his heart to: Feed him. He’s like a five year old child, whenever he is hungry he gets moody don’t take it personally. It’s just him. If you are ever laying in bed at 11pm and find yourself wrapped in his arms scared because you see a spider, don’t… Continue reading To the next girl..


I wanna fall in love..

 I just want to fall in love, not the “you’re hot, I’m hot, lets fuck” type of love, but the type where you see him in a light nobody has before. You notice the way one of his eyebrows raises ever so slightly when he gets confused, you notice how beautiful his sparkling eyes look… Continue reading I wanna fall in love..


"Love; it’s good to read about it, it’s fun to write about it but when it’s real, it’s scary. Because the more people that you let into your life the more that can walk right out."