Unable to recognize her.

You made me this person, this person I don’t like. This person I don’t recognize anymore, you made me a person I no longer want to be but I’m not able to control her. She comes out when times are dark to make them even darker. This new person you’ve created has no control of… Continue reading Unable to recognize her.


The truth about my illness …

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffer from bipolar and although it took me years to finally accepted it, I was able to understand it and accept it. But for quite some time I’ve been feeling different and nothing was the same anymore. Several months ago I was diagnose with anxiety and depression.… Continue reading The truth about my illness …


When you love someone, you let a lot of things slide. Things like not confirming plans until last minute, just to out of it. Or them ignoring your texts to do other  pointless shit. Or being able to be with other and not you. Or even just not caring about you r life. It never… Continue reading Love..