Four People You Fall In Love With.

1.The one who breaks your heart.

It hurts. It hurts watching them be perfectly okay when you’re sitting in the quiet of the night, ripping your bloody chest out of your heart. Their taste lingers on your lips for months after and the warmth of their words feels like daggers, did they love you? Do they, when they’re looking in the eyes of someone else, think of what you used to have? Do they cry? Do they even miss you? Probably not.

2.The one whose heart you break

You didn’t mean to. Something changed and the fire that once burned brightly inside your chest was dark. The soft lull of their once lovely laughter falls flat on your ears and you pull away, repulsed by how desperate they try to cling and angry at yourself for ever falling out in love with them.

3.The one who never loved you

You clung onto them like a growing vine, twisting inwards and growing flowers on their surface. They looked so happy with you wrapped around them, willing to bend until you were close to breaking. They loved the idea of you, you loved them. They loved using you, you loved their smile. They love causing you pain. You loved their attention.


It takes time. It takes time to stop trying to destroy yourself at every minute but it happens. The uncooperative hair that you once screamed about frames your face swore to hate. The weight on the scale doesn’t, match the accomplishment littered around your home. The laughter of partner, the pitter-patter of the children’s feet (human or pet), and the scent of your favorite dish filing the kitchen.


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