This day can’t explain enough how much my life has change. The moment they placed you in my hands I felt something in beneath of my stomach. Something that just simply made me cry and say the words “I love you “over and over again. I stare in your little eyes and grabbed your little feet and promised you that I will dedicate my entire life to you.  

Before you came along I was scared, I wasn’t ready. And I kept saying to myself that I wasn’t going to do a good job at it… But your dad gave me hope, your dad made everything better and made be ready. After that I knew I wasn’t alone, I knew that I have someone to help me through it all. But when I had you in my arms I knew that I didn’t need your dad or his words. Even thought he was still there.

All I needed was that little smile you give me and those little eyes to look at me, and somehow everything was fixable. Everything was done, and just like that days kept going by and now you’re ONE. One whole year has passed by and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift from God. Having you has been the biggest blessing and I never want to leave your side.

I’m never the type of person to make promises because I never believed in them. But with you things are different I want to promise you so many things, and my only goal is to make them all come true.  I promise you that I will never leave your side, I promise you to always protect you from everything and everyone. I promise you teach you everything you need to be the best in what you desire to be, if is possible maybe even perfect. I promise to always love you, and give you everything you want and need.♡ ML

When you were born, you never came with instructions. I know i have made some mistakes along the way and for those I’m sorry. I am far from being the perfect parent, but i have always done the best i could. The mistakes i have made came from a lack of understanding, not a lack of love becuase from the moment you were born into my life, i knew i would love you with all i am. One the day you were born i looked into your eyes and all my dreams came true. I love you more than you will ever know, now and for all eternity.
♡Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet baby♡

 Theirs nothing better than to spend my days with you my baby boy ♡ God has truly blessed me with an amazing little boy that i enjoy every day with, although he can be a handful at the end i love him more than I’ll ever love anyone else. My days are a lot brighter because of you baby Liam ♡


The moment my entire life has change was the day my dear loving child was born. I never imagine myself being to soft and loving person but theirs something about him that changes everything about me even the way I talk. A bond between a mother and a son is most magical bond you’ll ever whiteness. I will always protect my prince, teaching him how to love, watching him grow into something promising. The way he’ll hold on to every word, because to him, no on else is more important than me; his mother.

The way I melt every time he calls me “mommy”, cries every time he gets hurt, or simply say “I love you”. No matter how old he gets, he’ll always be my baby. To me you’ve been an extraordinary gift given to me, an incredible blessing from God so I shall dedicate my heart to tech you God’s way with everything I do and every word I say. I know your precious eyes are watching me intently and your tiny little ears are listening so sharply.

So because of that ill teach you how to love by the way we treat others, ill teach you generosity by the way we give, ill teach you righteousness by the way we live and together we’ll pray for a life full of happiness together and that you grow to be strong and everything you desire to be. My sweet baby because of you and your morning kisses I wake up happy everyday and because of that I will forever protect you and help you with what ever life throws your way. My sweet baby because you like to call out every truck or buss that we pass by when I drive is why I never feel lonely anymore.

My sweet baby because of you my life has a meaning and because of you I will continue to succeed in life. My sweet baby I know on my first year of being your mother I was doing a horrible job and I made many mistake and for that I apologize, and for some reason you always knew how to make everything better. You saw me cry out for help and with your tiny hands and big heart you hugged me and right away I knew that everything was going to be ok. Now every morning I pray and thank the lord for blessing me with something so amazing, now I understand what

Romans 8:18

“What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later”.

Everything I suffer to get where I am now is nothing compare to what God has plan for us my sweet baby and I promise that together we’ll make the best of it. Yes we will have many more tears to shed and many more bumpy roads to drive through but together we’ll get through them all and at the end of our road it will be nothing but happiness. Yes I still have many more things to accomplish but with a kiss from you every morning and a hug from you every night I will succeed. I love you forever and always my sweet baby Liam


“i love you through and through… i love your top side. i love your bottom side. i love your inside and outside. i love your happy side, your sad side

your silly side, your mad side.

i love your fingers and toes, your ears and nose. i love your hair and eyes, your giggles and cries.

i love you running and walking
silent and talking

i love you through and through… yesterday, today and tomorrow too.”

I absolutely love that my son grabs a book every night before bed so that mommy can read to him. Even if the first book he always picks out is  “i love you through and through ” i dont mind at all, i would read it every night until he decides to favor another book ♡ when i first bought this book i knew he would love it but never imagine it would be this much. I chose this book for a specific reason, a reason that i believe every mother can compare to. We love our kids, we love everything about them and always will. ♡ & i want baby liam to know that even when he’s mad and upset ill love him the same as when he’s happy and goofy. ♡
Love, Mommy ♡


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