Stop babying your son’s. 

      I absolutely love Michelle Obama I believe that everything she say is true and she always keeps it real. Obama dropped some knowledge on how families often inadvertently raise entitled boys and men. During the summit, Obama asked families to look at the way they raise their sons, and recognize how that… Continue reading Stop babying your son’s. 



When you love someone, you let a lot of things slide. Things like not confirming plans until last minute, just to out of it. Or them ignoring your texts to do other  pointless shit. Or being able to be with other and not you. Or even just not caring about you r life. It never… Continue reading Love..


.  This is me saying goodbye. This is me losing you. This is me deleting your pictures. This is me erasing your messages. This is me forgetting your words. This is me losing our friendship and losing our love. This is me losing you. This is me leaving without ever thinking of coming back. This is… Continue reading Goodbyeee