To the next girl..

To the next girl he gives his heart to:

Feed him. He’s like a five year old child, whenever he is hungry he gets moody don’t take it personally. It’s just him. If you are ever laying in bed at 11pm and find yourself wrapped in his arms scared because you see a spider, don’t hesitate to count on him because he will protect you, from that and any other fear you may have. It’s hard to find a food that he dislikes, he will pretty much eat everything.

He’s a sucker for G strings, if he comes home in a bad mood, show him your underwear and he will calm down. His friends and family are very important to him, don’t get jealous about it, I made that mistake and at the end of the day be happy he has others to count on, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy you company. He loves a good back rub and hair rub. Calms him down and he’ll love you forever.

Give him loads of kisses, neck kisses especially, cuddle him as much as you can, appreciate every minute you get with him, he’s one of a kind. I hope you learn from my mistakes and take on board everything I have said so you can actually love him right. He deserves an amazing girl so I hope you love him better than I did, and please I know I’m the last person you want advice from but please love him right, care for him, cherish him, he’s one of a kind and you’re lucky to be in his life.


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