Will never understand. 

Maybe my idea of being faithful is different from others. Maybe I have the wrong idea of when is it ok to be in a serious relationship and continue to talk to your ex. Or maybe, just maybe I’m old fashion! But if I’m in a serious relationship my man is not allowed to communicate with his ex of so many years. Am i the only one on this ? Am i the only one that don’t think it’s ok for someone to continue to communicate with the person you so called love, the person you so called almost married ect ect. It’s just wrong and disrespectful for you and your current partner. To me it just means you have no respect for yourself and your current relationship. To me it just shows that you’re weak, or you still have some type of feelings for that person so it’s your weakness. But then again this is my personal opinion so if anyone has a different I would like to hear it. Things to do to show the current partner that you have respect and is committed to the relationship is to block the ex or ex’s. Block him/her from every type of way you guys can communicate don’t put your current relationship at risk just for a moment of weakness. 


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