About delivering your baby♡


Theirs a few things that happens in labor that people just don’t tell you..

            One example is that labor can go on forever, and trust me I’m not exaggerate when I say forever. Although it is known fact that first-time mothers stay longer in labor, there aren’t many people who really believe this stuff- and that’s where they go wrong. And I speak from experience. Labor can literally go on forever, for which reason it is best for you to be prepared for the long haul. As I was getting ready to go to the hospital I was thinking to myself “I’m so ready for this”, “lets do this” “it’s going to be a in an out situation”. Little did I know that was just the beginning of 14 long hours? Yes! I said 14 hours, who knew that being in bed for so long can be very stressful and tiring.


You cannot eat-snacking is a major no- no! Honestly I wish someone would’ve told me that because


Was I hungry? If you take on the services of a midwife, there is a good chance that she will let you snack your way through to delivery. But when you are surrounded by hoards of nurses at the hospital, forget snacking- eating is banned, out of the question. Even though it has been validated by research that eating during labor isn’t harmful, nurses still aren’t really fond of letting mom-to-be’s snack through it even if it entails having them lose out on their strength. 


This one you won’t be able to fight your way through with the doctors but I really wish I did because gosh those things were annoying and very disturbing. You don’t really need those pesky fetal monitors and trust me the doctors are aware of this. Giving birth at a hospital means you are continually going to be monitored using a fetal monitor. While you are at it. There is a good chance that the nursing staff will make you feel as if taking those straps of the fetal monitor off will trigger a life death situation. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Despite what many claims, using fetal monitors had also not helped in the reduction of cerebral palsy as well, thereby adding to the reasons why their usage is not really necessary. Other problems associated with using fetal monitors during labor are. If you’re wondering whether fetal monitors actually do anything good, then yes, these do have a purpose – identifying the fetal hearts rate and patterns, and assessing whether the baby is suffering from distress. But even with that, their usage isn’t really necessary and they eventually end up being a mere discomfort. So, if you are uncomfortable with the fetal monitor, don’t hesitate in asking your nurse to take it off for while. Even though there were a few times I just took it off myself without asking.


Now this one many may be embarrassed to share but me? I’m just the type person that likes to embarrass myself in many ways. Lol But I do wish someone would’ve told me about this so I can avoid my partner to see it. But like I said I like to embarrass myself. But mother’s there’s nothing wrong with pooping on the delivery table! If you fell like pooping on the delivery table, DO IT. There’s no reason for you to worry about it – trust me, half of the woman in labor end up doing so. If you meet a few OB nurses, you will learn that they just don’t give a damn if you poop while giving birth. To be honest, your poop might even be charted as it is a sign that you are pushing the right way – that your little one is going to make an appearance pretty soon.


Pushing isn’t easy – it isn’t a walk in the park. Well I’m 100% sure every mommy knows this one but what they don’t know is how hard will is be. For some moms pushing end up being the hardest part of the entire delivery process, like mine. Although some other woman claims, “it was a relief”, others believe it was a tough job. Like many women including myself are bound to question why it is so important for you to push. I mean, they say even a woman in a coma can give birth, so why do you need to put up with it? Well, when your baby is near the finish line she/he needs a bit of help to speed things up. Considering that you’re completely dilated, you need to help your baby in making it though the birth canal.


oh yes, how could we forget this one? The moment you deliver your precious angel, your nurse is going to start kneeing on your abdomen like a crazy woman working on the toughest ball of dough all because she needs to loosen up the placenta and deliver it. Yes I said deliver again. Also knows as the third stage of labor, childbirth is NOT over till you deliver your placenta and just like delivering your baby wasn’t  easy delivering your placenta isn’t a walk in the park either. This is because the placenta is just what has been providing bed and board for you baby’s comfortable stay within his/her mother’s tummy. Delivering your placenta can easily take anywhere up to 20 minutes. Ok! So you know how everyone says that after delivering your baby you will feel this emptiness in your tummy well they’re wrong you will feel that emptiness after you deliver your placenta. So get ready to push again, but only for 20 minutes.

            Last and the best part is the bond that you will share with your baby from the moment that you hold him/her into your arms for the first time. As tough as the process of delivering your baby is, the end result is just as beautiful. To women, meeting their baby for the very first time is perhaps the most overwhelming, exciting and exhausting event of their lives. Imagine you’ve carried this little one inside you for a full nine months, and now, its time for you to wrap him/her in your arms blissful,

isn’t it? ♡